Top 5 Horror Movies of 2015

  1. Poltergeist: The original 1982 version with Craig T. Nelson was one of the scariest movies to ever hit the silver screen, and the clown scene is still considered one of the most frightening scenes to be filmed. The 2015 remake holds true to the original story, but with modern effects which help bring this haunted house story to life. This movie will make you double check the back of your closet.
  2. Crimson Peak: Director Guillermo del Toro’s 19th century supernatural horror film will do nothing to convince you to visit an ancient castle in Northern England. Steven King said the movie was “gorgeous and. . . terrifying”. If King gives it his stamp of approval, odds are it has the potential to be the best of the Top 5 horror movies of 2015.
  3. Howl: The scariest part about this English horror film is that the events leading up to the Werewolf happen often to travelers on the railway system. Delays are common because something on the track gets hit, and night trips are unusually spooky. Although the release date has not been announced, Howl certainly has the makings of a Top 5 horror movie of 2015.
  4. We Are Still Here: Haunted house’s seem to be a popular horror movie topic this year and We Are Still Here is one of the most anticipated of the genre. A house that needs new blood to keep it’s permanent supernatural guests satisfied. Don’t go in the basement, why do they always go in the basement?
  5. A Christmas Horror Story: Santa Claus vs. Krampus? Yeah that sounds epic. Throw in some infected elves, and William Shatner as a festive radio host narrating the events and you have one of the most original holiday horror films. Without a doubt A Christmas Horror Story is one of the Top 5 horror movies of 2015 and the most anticipated horror movie this holiday season.