Utah Haunted Houses: Why We’re Dying to Visit Them

Utah Haunted Houses: Why We’re Dying to Visit Them


The Halloween season brings with it pumpkin spice everything, horror films and the haunted house season. Why do some people like the being scared? Let’s look at the history of haunted houses and the science behind why we’re dying to visit haunted attractions.

Some of the very first “haunted houses” can be traced back to P.T. Barnum and his house of oddities and other carnival freak show attractions. But oddly enough, it was Disneyland that institutionalized the haunted house with their Haunted Mansion attraction in the 1960’s. It was in the 1990’s that we saw an explosion of mega haunted house attractions.

The interest that an individual has in being scared is not so much psychological, as it is physiological. The natural high that we get from our “fight or flight” response when we are scared, is a safe way for us to get a jolt, while not being in true danger. For some people, the chemical response that comes from terrifying situations triggers a dopamine response. This kick of dopamine varies from person to person. Those who get more of a kick from dopamine are going to enjoy a thrillingly, scary experience.

Here are four reasons why we love haunted houses:

  1. Haunted houses come around once a year.

There are a handful of haunted houses that stay open year-round, but for the most part, haunted houses are open one time a year. Visiting a haunted house is a fun go-to option that isn’t going to a movie or dinner.

  1. Good or bad, haunted houses are a thrill

Clowns, vampires, zombies and more lay in wait around every corner in a haunted house. Whether or not you love being scared, when a character jumps out at you in in a dark, creepy haunted house, you will get a thrill.

  1. Haunted houses help us get to know local scares

Haunted houses can sometimes be set up in local haunted locations, such as the Bellshire Hospital in Ogden. Locals have passed around stories that the hospital is haunted by spirits and ghosts, even a little girl who has been heard crying out for help. The Bellshire Hospital hosted haunted attraction shows that brought Utahns in to the Ogden area. The frightening history of a haunted attraction turns up the thrills for visitors.

  1. Haunted houses make some people laugh.

The rush of emotions and adrenaline can make some people laugh. The fun factor comes from the feeling of being scared, but not having anything really harmful happening. It is fun to see the reactions of friends, or even yourself in surprise pictures, and laugh at how goofy you look when you’re afraid.

Haunted houses are the perfect environment for us to know we’re in a safe place, but still get that flood of dopamine and adrenaline.  get your tickets to the Strangling Brothers Haunted Circus today!