2020 Most Popular Halloween Costumes

2020 has been quite the year. Women have faced a lot of scary things this year, and we’ve all watched a terrifying amount of TV.  The theme this year for costumes is all about female empowerment and our favorite TV shows! Whether you’re trick-or-treating, going to a Halloween party, or visiting a Salt Lake City haunted house, these costumes will help you stay on trend.

Beatrix Kiddo – The Bride – Kill Bill

While it’s almost two decades old, Uma Thurman’s character in this movie never ceases to inspire strength in women and girls. Don your most flashy yellow and black track suit, your scariest take no prisoners look and a fake Katana to carry. You can expect to be recognized at any Halloween event you attend.

Shuri – The Princess of Wakanda

Black Panther has been on everyone’s minds this year as we’ve all mourned the loss of Chadwick Boseman. The inspiration this movie provided to so many has not been forgotten, and you can expect to see Shuri costumes in abundance this year. Women and girls will look strong, and courageous in their Shuri costumes, and you can’t go wrong celebrating as the Princess of Wakanda.

Folklore-ish Taylor Swift

Just as we were all burning out from months of quarantine life, Taylor dropped a lovely mellow album on us. Her new folklore album, complete with soothing vocals, mellow moods, a natural vibe, and an “I do what I want” mentality toward the music industry, is exactly what we all needed. Go with her fuzzy overcoat look or the casual striped polo and jeans. The choice is yours.

Tiger King

The question on everyone’s mind earlier this year — did she do it? There’s no doubt about it, Tiger King was all the rage this year, and you can expect to lots of Joe Exotics and Carol Baskins around. Stir up laughs with a bleached out mullet, wildly colorful clothing, and bring a long a stuffed tiger.

Schitt’s Creek

Much to all our protests, Schitt’s Creek ends this year. This would make a great group costume, with everyone going as a character from the show or, go solo as your favorite person. Just make sure, you master the art of saying “David!”.

Little Women

With the new movie coming out earlier this year, girls and women fell in love with the March sisters all over again. Choose any of your favorite Little Women to portray — Jo, Meg, Amy, Beth or even Marmee. This would make a great group costume, as well. Plus, the long dresses will you keep you warm as you stand in line for one of Utah’s haunted houses.

Need more Halloween fear?

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