The story begins…

In the dusty and distant early years of the 1900s, a mysterious traveling circus roamed the countryside. It crawled from town to town, greedily claiming more than its fair share of screams and dreams.

A ruthless and cunning ringmaster led the mysterious circus. And he sought new recruits amongst every audience. He looked for the lonely, the strange, and the forgotten. The Ringmaster focused on the freaks, the outcasts, and the orphans.

Children were rumored to vanish like a wisp of smoke whenever the circus left town. Short, quickly forgotten news articles gave validation to these dark whispers. But soon the children were forgotten just like the news articles’ words on yellowing paper. By the 1930s, the traveling circus was known far and wide for its Freak Show. Townsfolk around the country gladly parted with their coin for a chance to peek under the tent and into the cages within. Patrons were infected with the desire to witness the unimaginable horrors. Scenes that would haunt them forever! The cruelty of the Ringmaster had bred a great deal of malice within the shadows of his own circus. His show was branded with torture, terror, and murder – and his performers despised him. Two of the deviant misfits were excellent disciples of darkness; they convinced the others to band together against him. The deviants murdered their tormenter, the great Ringmaster, and took control of the circus. The murderers earned a new moniker from the way they had overcome their master, the well-deserved “Strangling Brothers.”

Dressed as clowns, the two twisted torturers were even more evil than the wicked Ringmaster. And, with the “Strangling Brothers” at the helm of this epic freak show of horrors, the circus was now darker than ever before. As the creepy caravan draws the minds of the twisted and wicked, more and more willing misfits seem to disappear from the towns that Strangling Brothers Haunted Circus travels through. The freaks of the Strangling Brothers Haunted Circus have not forgotten the torment of the evil Ringmaster, and their thirst for vengeance is yet to be sated.

Today, the Strangling Brothers still have a thirst for new blood. It is rumored that they have a skill for attracting new victims that are never seen again. It is said that their appetite for ghastly experimentation on unsuspecting souls is fed with each town they visit, and they are coming to recruit in Salt Lake City.

Be warned and be sure to hold onto your children.

The Strangling Brothers Haunted Circus is known to vanish without a trace. There is a new of fear when this circus rolls into town. Walk through this haunted attraction with endless scenes of demonic clowns and freakish chaos. The fear created by the Strangling Brothers Haunted House freaks is like an infectious nightmare. As you try to exit, you just may hear the voice of the demonic Strangling Brothers say, “You are now part of the show.”


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