Superstitions run rampant through our society. From a belief that opening an umbrella inside brings bad luck to the idea of telling others your fears could bring disastrous results, superstition seems to be everywhere. But what kind of effect do these little rituals have on your life? We’ll explore six superstitions that will ruin your life and what you can do to break free from them.

1. It is considered extremely bad luck to kill a spider

It is considered good luck to have a spider in your home.  Yup, those scary things in the corner are bringing your good luck.  So don’t be so quick to kill one when you see it.  However, if you do kill one by accident, you should sweep it up and out of the house as soon as possible, because it is considered extremely bad luck to kill a spider.

We’re not suggesting you head to your local pet store and to buy a spider sized leash. This superstition is based on the prevention of disease.  Spiders catch flies and mosquitos in their webs which are some of the most common disease carrying insects.

So the next time you see a spider in your room, maybe think twice before racing for a shoe to smash it with.

2. Opening an umbrella inside brings bad luck

If you want to avoid bad luck, don’t open an umbrella indoors.  Especially if you’re in a house you just moved into. This is said to bring seven years of bad luck to your household.  This superstition started back in early Egypt when royalties would use umbrellas made of fine materials to shield themselves from the sun.  While outside, the sun God, Ra, would be pleased with this behavior.

However, if the umbrella was opened inside away from the sun, Ra would be angered and would curse them with bad luck.

3. Crossing paths with another person will cause you to have a short life

If you cross paths with another person, you will have a short life. This superstition is not very common but it does exist. It is believed to be bad luck to cross paths with another person, especially if they are walking in the opposite direction. As the Chinese believe, if you eat a meal from the same plate as someone else, your mind does not belong to that person. But if you eat from a different plate without sharing, a great opportunity will find you.

This superstition symbolizes that if someone else’s mind belongs to you, then your own mind belongs to them too.

Similarly, if you cross paths with someone walking in the opposite direction, you could be sacrificing your mind and uniqueness.

4. Breaking a mirror will bring seven years’ bad luck

A lot of people believe that breaking a mirror will bring seven years’ bad luck. This is a superstition based on the legend that a demon will enter your body through the broken mirror.  If this happens, you’re destined to die after seven years.  We’re not sure what’s more dangerous though.  A demon entering your body through a portal in a mirror, or a bunch of broken mirror shards on the ground?

5. Getting dressed for work will bring you misfortune

Getting all dressed up to go to work is a bad idea. Unless you are going to celebrate or show off your achievements. This superstition started after Marie Reur a French author, mentioned having bad luck in doing her hair at the morning show then.

If you think about it, we probably all believe the reverse of this a little more than some of the other superstitions.  We all have that piece of jewelry, pair of shoes, or favorite shirt that gives us an extra boost in confidence.

So the next time you’re getting ready for that job interview or that hot, first date, embrace the supernatural and wear all of your go-to superstitious clothes!

6. Telling someone your fears will make them come true

This rule has been proven scientifically. If you tell someone you’re afraid of something, you’re more likely to suffer from that fear or have a bad experience with it. This is superstition is closely related to the Baader Meinhof phenomenon.

The Baader Meinhof phenomenon is when you notice something like a car you like, and then start to notice it everywhere!  It seems like it didn’t exist until you started talking about it.

This same effect can occur when you start talking to other’s about your fears.  So if you truly fear something, it may be best to keep it to yourself!

So those are six superstitions that could ruin your life if you aren’t careful!  We love all things scary and superstitious here at the Strangling Brother’s Haunted Circus in American Fork, Utah!  Use this link and buy a ticket to Utah’s scariest haunted house and experience the fun yourself!