Haunted House Decorations

The best day of the year is here! We’ve waited a terrifying long time, 365 days, for our favorite holiday. But if you have been asleep at the holiday-planning wheel, we have some last-minute Halloween hacks to get you in on the haunted house fun...

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The Top Horror Movies of 2014

Chances are if you are a fan of Salt Lake City haunted houses, you are probably also a horror movie buff. Which means 2014 will give you plenty o’ chances to feed your fear addiction. Check out our round up of the 2014 scary flicks to enjoy after...

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5 More Murderous Movie Clowns

Couldn’t get enough of our earlier list of killer clowns in the movies? Here’s a few more to keep you up at night. While these movies lean toward the ridiculous, the killer clowns are downright creepy. Keep them in mind when you’re visiting some...

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