3 Halloween Misconceptions (Do you know the difference?)

Because the Strangling Bros. Haunted Circus is the most popular Halloween activity in American Fork, Utah.  We spend a lot of time talking about Halloween activities, monsters, and costumes. Here are 3 Halloween misconceptions people are mixing up.

Casket Vs. Coffin

Firstly, a Halloween misconception on our list is the debate between Caskets and Coffins.  We all know Count Dracula sleeps in a coffin in his haunted house.  But why not a casket?  What’s the difference?

A casket is the same size all around with hinges that allow for the lid to be opened for viewing of the body inside.  You’ve probably seen them considering they’re what’s used at most modern funerals.

A coffin is a lot harder to open!  It’s tapered from the shoulders down to the feet, just like a body! It’s also more cost effective considering it uses less materials. Who would’ve thought the scariest Vampire of Halloween was so cheap?  As a result, they’re really popular in early film and oftentimes are covered in halloween decorations like cobwebs and spiders!   

Doesn’t that sound comfortable?  That must mean you aren’t ready to trade in your memory foam mattress for a bed that harnesses the spirit of Halloween all year round in your haunted house?

Frankenstein Vs. Frankenstein’s Monster

The second Halloween misconception is this big, scary, green monster.  Most people call this guy Frankenstein.  And they’re 50% correct.  It’s okay if you guess that.  But, you’re mixing up one thing.

Victor Frankenstein is actually the name of the man who created him.  (So, apparently enjoyed different Halloween activities  such as bringing the dead back to life!)  The big guy with the scary scars on his face is actually The Creature or Frankenstein’s Monster.

It’s a good thing the name Frankenstein stuck.  Could you imagine if he named the creature after his first name?  You’d be dressing up as Victor for your Halloween night activities!

Pumpkins vs. Jack-O-Lanterns

Yes, even the classic Halloween activity of slicing up a pumpkin is confused.

Sure, all of the grocery stores stock up on Pumpkin’s in the Fall.  But this only adds to the Halloween Misconception that a carved pumpkin is the only way to create a Jack-O-Lantern.

Historically, a Jack-O-Lantern can be any vegetable!  So the next time you can’t find the perfect pumpkin, maybe head over to the produce section and then find an egg-plant to craft a unique Jack-O-Lantern and turn your house into a haunted house this season!

So those are the 3 biggest Halloween misconceptions we see here at the Strangling Brother’s Haunted Circus.  Now that you’re all caught up, you need to come see what happens when you cross Frankenstein’s Creature with a swine! 

Grab a ticket now because you can find this creature ONLY at Utah’s scariest haunted house in American Fork!