5 More Murderous Movie Clowns

Couldn’t get enough of our earlier list of killer clowns in the movies? Here’s a few more to keep you up at night. While these movies lean toward the ridiculous, the killer clowns are downright creepy. Keep them in mind when you’re visiting some haunted houses in Utah.

Horny the Clown – “Drive Thru”

At one time or another, all of us in Salt Lake City have wanted to crawl through a garbled drive-thru restaurant speaker to clobber the person on the other end who you can’t understand. But what if that speaker was shaped like a clown’s head…and came to life…and started killing people? That’s the plot of “Drive Thru” and the mascot for HellaBurger, Horny the Clown, would not like fries with that. He would like to kill you with a meat cleaver.

Edwin – “Klown Kamp Massacre”

Have you ever wanted to see a “Friday the 13th” movie, but with a killer clown as the villain instead of Jason Voorhees? Then “Klown Kamp Massacre” is for you. Edwin the clown attends clown camp—or rather, klown kamp—and fails so badly, he gets laughed at by his classmates. So he kills all of them. Many years later, people try to reopen the camp, but Edwin has something to say about it.

Shivers the Clown – “Fear of Clowns”

In a twist on the old haunted house movie, a woman decides to defeat her fears by painting them. Unfortunately, the paintings become real, terrorizing the woman in her house and, essentially, accomplishing the exact opposite of what she wanted. Wouldn’t you know it, one of her fears is clowns, and Shivers might win the award for scariest makeup in a bad evil-clown movie.

“Killer Klowns From Outer Space”

With a title like that, you can’t help but know what you’re in for. Instead of clowns—er, klowns, aagain—stalking a haunted place, these creatures inhabit a circus tent that springs from a meteor that crash-lands and leads to horror-comedy mayhem. And while the clowns are a little more cartoonish, they’re still pretty darn scary.

Killjoy the Clown – “Killjoy”

Killjoy is one of the more frightening cinematic clowns you’ll lay your eyes on. His sharpened teeth and wrinkled face evoke Darth Maul, but his crazy black Krusty-like hair makes him just human enough to be completely terrifying. Killjoy is a clown doll brought to life by a young man to take revenge on a guy who stole his girl. He proved popular enough to spawn several sequels.

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