If one collection of ghost photography wasn’t enough, we have more spooky photographs to scare even the bravest of viewers! Scroll through the photos below, and try not to be afraid. You never know when your photos might have an unexpected visitor, or when you may find a ghoulish hand on your shoulder. 

Spot the Ghost: Whose hand is that?

Taken over a century ago, photo analysis experts have not been able to figure out where the hand on her shoulder came from. There is no evidence of anyone ever standing on the right side of her in any depiction of the photo. 

Spot the Ghost: The Robed Figure in the Doorway

Discovered in CCTV footage in December 2003, this terrifying image of a robed figure walking out of the doorway at the Royal Palace is enough to make your hair stand on end. The palace was the former 16th century home of Henry VIII, and is well known for regular supernatural disturbances, though none have ever been caught on camera until now.

Spot the Ghost: The Girl in the Fire

Tony O’Rahilly snapped this eerie photo of a young girl standing inside the doorway of Wem Town Hall in Shropshire, England as it burned to the ground in 1995. The flames burned so hot that many people argued that nothing alive could stand there with such serenity of spirit. This led to the belief that she was the ghost of Jane Churn, a girl who accidentally set fire to her home in 1677. The fire burned out of control and much of the town was burned down, along with her family’s home. Locals believe she still haunts the area tormented by her grief. 

Spot the Ghost: The Woman in the Window

A lively group of friends, also in Shropshire, which appears to be a hotbed of paranormal activity in England, were hanging out after a World Cup game and snapped some photos. When they looked at the photos later, they discovered this haunting image of woman holding a baby in the window behind them. All attempts to locate her in the building were futile. She had disappeared into thin air. 

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