Haunted Houses: 7 Signs a House May Be Haunted

Haunted Houses: 7 Signs a House May Be Haunted

Some people believe in haunted houses. Some people think houses are haunted when a tragedy has occurred in that home. Some people think that a house becomes haunted if a person dies on the property. Some people even think that it is possible for ghosts to follow them home and then create a haunted house. Whatever you may think about haunted houses, here are seven signs that a house may in fact be haunted.

Haunted House Sign 1: Strange Shadows. If you see strange shadows or shapes, you may wonder if the house is haunted. It’s common for haunted houses to be full of shadows that can sometimes take animal or human-like form. These shadows won’t usually appear right in front of you, but will seem to appear in the corner of your eye.

Haunted House Sign 2: Opening and Closing Doors. You may not actually see doors opening and closing on their own, but it is very common to hear doors and even kitchen cabinets opening and closing without explanation in haunted houses. A person might hear a door freaking on its hinges or swinging shut very quickly, although there is no one else in the house, no wind blowing, and no pet or animal around to explain why the door was moving. It is also common for doors that have been closed to be found open. Maybe open doors are one way that unseen forces are present.

Haunted House Sign 3: Unexplained Noises. People who have been in haunted houses have said that they often hear footsteps, banging on walls, scratching noises from distant parts of the house, and knocks on windows and doors.

Haunted House Sign 4: Misbehaving Electronics. Another common sign of haunted houses is electronics not working properly. Has your television flickered or shut off for no reason? Have the lights been on in a room where you remember turning them off? Has a radio or alarm suddenly started up even though no one was around to set it off? These unexplained electronic behaviors may be a sign that the house is haunted.

Haunted House Sign 5: Items Disappear Then Reappear Randomly.  There is actually a phenomenon known as the “Disappearing Object Phenomenon.” This happens when you put something down, start another project or get distracted, and then when you come back to pick up the item you left, it is gone. You may look all over, retracing your steps, looking any place that you might have left that item, but you are not able to find it. Then hours or even days later, when you go back to the place where you originally left the item, it is there, as if it had never moved.

Haunted House Sign 6: Pets Acting Up for No Reason. Pets and animals are known to be able to sense when natural disasters or major changes in the weather are coming. When pets have been present in a haunted house, people have seen them staring into empty rooms and either hissing or barking, as if there was an unwelcome visitor that only the pet could see.

Haunted House Sign 7: Feeling That You’re Being Watched. When you’re out in public, it is normal to feel like you are being watched by other people who are around you. But the difference with a haunted house is that people have reported feeling as though they were being watched while in empty rooms or in houses all alone.

You may experience one or two of the haunted house signs above, but if you are experiencing all seven, you may want to see if you can find some real live “Ghost Busters” to help you out!

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