The Top Horror Movies of 2014

Chances are if you are a fan of Salt Lake City haunted houses, you are probably also a horror movie buff. Which means 2014 will give you plenty o’ chances to feed your fear addiction. Check out our round up of the 2014 scary flicks to enjoy after a trip to a haunted house.


If Child’s Play taught us anything, it is that dolls can be straight up terrifying. Annabelle was first seen in last year’s box office thriller The Conjuring, but this creepy dolly wasn’t ready to stuffed away in a toy box just yet. She has returned in here very own headliner for a few more games.

Dracula Untold

Every good Salt Lake City haunted house includes at least one blood-thirsty vampire. Likewise, Hollywood couldn’t let Halloween pass without a vampire flick on the menu. 2014 serves up an origin story of our favorite bloodsucker. Dracula Untold weaves the now legendary tale of the notorious Vlad the impaler—later known as Count Dracula.
Word is that this version of Drac may make appearances in other upcoming Universal horror movies such as The Mummy.


Salt Lake City haunted house enthusiasts who are up for a little change of pace may want to check out Tusk, probably the most unique horror flick of the year. Leave it to director Kevin Smith to come up with a horror-comedy hybrid that is as uncomfortable as it is scary. If you’ve ever wanted to watch a movie about a guy who gets his leg amputated by a madman and forced to act as a walrus for the rest of his life, then this movie checks all the boxes.

The Possession of Michael King

The Blair Witch Project gave us one of the first popular “found footage” films, making us believe it was a true tale although we knew better. The Possession of Michael King takes this type of film to a hair-raising, nightmare-making new level. After the death of his wife, Michael King decides to disprove the existence of God, and consequently the existence of the devil, by allowing a series of dark characters cast spells and perform rituals on him. Check out this horror movie to see why that probably wasn’t a wise undertaking.


The Ouija board has been the center of so many urban legends that it has gained a infamous place in our collective conscious. Ask anyone visiting a Salt Lake City haunted attraction, and you are sure to hear a tale or two. Now, the rumored sinister game has earned center stage on the silver screen after six years of production hold ups. Maybe the directors should have consulted their own Ouija board to help predict a realistic release date

The Quiet Ones

The only British film on our list, The Quiet Ones is the story of a professor who attempts to prove that poltergeists do not exist. But like any headstrong hero who tries to tempt fate, he learns he was oh so wrong. Fear addicts can expect more than one jump-out-of-their-seats moments in this flick.

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