Your Worst Nightmare – What’s your phobia?

5 Creepy crawlies, slithering snakes, a dark staircase leading to your erie basement? We all go through great lengths to avoid our deepest, darkest persistent fears. Some are avoidable, like the pteromerhanophobia, or the fear of flying, but others are not as easy to avoid. Here’s our list of the top 5 most common phobias.

1. Arachnophobia- Fear of Spiders

Is your worst nightmare eight legged? Even the most tame spiders can strike fear into the hearts of the strongest arachnophobe. Sometimes just the slightest glimpse of a web can send you into an anxiety attack or make you break down in tears.

2. Ophidiophobia- Fear of Snakes


If arachnophobia is first then ophidiophobia is a close second. Just seeing these creatures slithering around the jungle on T.V. can invoke fear in minds of those afraid. Ophidiophobia is the number one phobia among adults, this is often attributed to evolutionary responses to help avoid venom.

3. Mysophobia- Fear of Germs

Your Worst NightmareThey are everywhere. On your shoes, the office water cooler, and even your mouth. There is absolutely no escape these disease infested, invisible to the naked eye, microorganisms. While you can avoid snakes and spiders, there’s no hiding from germs. Next time you pick up your toothbrush remember your worst nightmare could be residing on the bristles.

4. Agoraphobia and Claustrophobia- Fear of Open Spaces and Fear of Closed Spaces


These two phobias are complete opposites, but many people suffer from one or the other. Agoraphobia kicks in when you are in a crowded yet open area and can get so bad that some agoraphobes become reclusive and stay at home constantly. Claustrophobia on the other hand is that feeling that the walls around you are closing in and getting smaller, causing a panic attack. Even short elevator rides can set off one’s claustrophobia.

5. Nyctophobia- Fear of the Dark


It’s 3am and you are walking back to your room after having a midnight snack but the light switch is in the kitchen and all the other lights are off. Your mind starts racing as you debate flipping the switch and running back to your bed. Your worst nightmare could be lurking in the dark, or is the dark your worst nightmare? Being afraid of the dark is a natural part of child development, but if it gets worse as you get older odds are you have nyctophobia.