The best day of the year is here! We’ve waited a terrifying long time, 365 days, for our favorite holiday. But if you have been asleep at the holiday-planning wheel, we have some last-minute Halloween hacks to get you in on the haunted house fun.

Haunted House Decorations

If your house is looking more blah than BOO!, we have a few quick-and-easy decorations that can make your abode look like a Salt Lake City haunted house in less than an hour.

Mummified Door

This hack is easy and cheap but makes a big impact. Wrap your front door in white crepe paper and add a couple eyes made out of black and white construction paper. Trick-or-treaters are sure to notice this spooky portal.


All you need is a pack of glow sticks, scissors, some toilet paper rolls and a pack of glow sticks for this one. Simply cut sinister eyes in the old toilet paper rolls and place a lit glow stick within. When you place these tubes outside in bushes and trees, the scary eyes pierce through the dark. Your place will be one of the scariest haunted houses in Salt Lake City.

Windows to the Other Side

Another high-impact, little-time decoration is dressing your windows in their own costume. Use black construction paper to cut out spooky shapes you would see in a haunted house. You can add bats, cats, spider webs, and ghosts in no time.

Food Hacks Perfect for Every Haunted House

Need some gruesome grab for a Halloween potluck? We got your back.

Haunted 7 Layer Dip

This traditional party favorite gets a scary makeover with a few additions. Drop in some paper headstones on toothpicks, a few ghost decorations and spell out something spooky in olives or green onions (RIP, maybe?). Tortilla chips have never been so terrified.

CataTonic Cocktails

Everyone knows tonic water glows under a black light? Actually, people don’t know that, but this hack can definitely light up a room. Drop in a swizzle stick with a simple cat decoration cut out of paper. Place cocktails under a black light for your party guests to snag as they pass by. This party hack is sure to get any party glowing.

Ghost Popsicles

Even the laziest partygoer can get this one. Buy popsicles with plain-white wrappers and draw ghost faces on them with a permanent marker. Place popsicles into a bucket with ice. Boom. Done.

Trick-or-Treat Hacks Better than Candy

Yes, kids love candy. But they will literally have buckets of it from visiting every haunted house in Salt Lake City. These last-minute ideas are great for the young ghouls and goblins.

Severed Hand

Fill a latex glove full with small toys and candy. Tie the wrist with some Halloween-inspired ribbon. This zombie hand will stand out in their trick-or-treat bucket.

Mummy Juice

Take ordinary juice-boxes and wrap them with masking tape until the box is completely covered. Add terrifying mummy eyes, and you have a trick-or-treat original to hydrate the hooligans as they run from one Salt Lake City haunted house to the next.

Light it Up

Who says Halloween swag has to be food? Pass out glow sticks or glow-stick jewelry. The kiddos will love lighting up their costumes with these snap-and-glow “treats.” Bonus: glowing jewelry makes youngster more visible to passing motorists.

Whether you have visited a Salt Lake City haunted house this year, or you waited until the last minute, the Strangling Brothers are here to serve up a terrifying night until November 1st. Don’t miss out! Get your tickets now—free VIP upgrade included!

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