No matter how brave you are, there are ways to make even the bravest of people shriek in fright!  Why don’t you take your scary movie game to the next level by watching them in a haunted house?

Watch the scary movie Signs in a corn field.

In the digital age, we’ve all got laptops and smartphones.  Why not grab a friend or two and head out to a cornfield and watch the 2002 thriller film Signs. If you haven’t seen this scary movie, the main characters live on a farm where creepy things begin to happen out in their cornfield.

Even the slightest breeze in a cornfield will send shivers down your spine as you start checking your shoulder to see if something is creeping up behind you!

Watch the scary movie Texas Chainsaw Massacre in an empty barn.

While we’re on the topic of scary movie farms.  Why not watch one of the Texas Chainsaw Massacres inside of an old barn?  It’s probably the closest thing you can get to watching a movie inside of an actual haunted house.  You’ll feel like you’re on the set as you hear the creaks of the old wood maybe even the dangling of chains coming from some old farm equipment?

Watch the movie JAWS on or near water.

Seriously. If you don’t have access to a boat, grab your laptop and head to your nearest body of water.  Salt Lake City has lots of lakes, reservoirs, and swimming pools that make for a perfect aquatic watching experience.  Because let’s face it.  Water is already pretty scary; especially at night!  That scare factor is taken to the next level while you’re sitting on a pier watching a movie about a blood-thirsty shark! Just make sure you the difference between a wave crashing on the shore sounds like and what a shark trying to sneak up for a snack sounds like!

Watch the movie The Grudge on an old tv.

Everyone knows the older something is, the more haunted it has to be.  Go to your local thrift shop and buy one of the oldest and bulkiest tv’s they have.  (Grab a VCR too if you don’t have one!)  Wait until midnight, turn off all the lights in the house, and pop up a VHS of a scary movie like The Grudge.  The static and grain the old tv makes in combination with the sound of the VCR is a recipe for a nightmare! 

Watch the movie IT part 1 and 2 before you come to the Haunted Circus

Every night you go to sleep, Pennywise comes out to play.  He is here at Utah’s scariest haunted house, the Strangling Brother’s Haunted Circus located here in American Fork.  It’s not very often you get to watch a movie and see the character’s from the movie the same day.  If you pay attention to the movie, you’ll know exactly when you took the wrong turn and walked into the sewer with Pennywise and Georgie. 

 You can buy your tickets online now to the Strangling Brother’s Haunted Circus using this link 

We’ll see you there!